Top 10 Best Brain Games For Android – Train Your Brain with Best Brain Game Apps For Free

Best Brain Games For Android : As most of all know our brain will take rest only when we sleep. Dubsmash for PC – Free download. Rest of the time it will work continuously. Our brain loves playing games. If you are not aware of this, just try playing games with your brain,most probably you can see the result on first day it self. Your brain will get more sharper and your thinking capability will increase more than you expect. Therefore play Best Brain games for Android and as a result improve your brain activities as much as you can.

Best Brain Games For Android

To train our brain there are many brain games available Game apps market. Now in this article I am going to introduce the top 10 best brain games for Android. These best mind games for Android will help you to reduce your stress and improve your motor skills.

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Top 10 Best Brain Games For Android For Free

1. Skillz – Logical Brain Game

Best Brain Games For Android







Skillz is the best brain memory improvement game I have ever seen. This Brain game helps you to improve your accuracy, memory, effective power to recognize colors and  touch ability. This game designed as levels, where each level will train your brain and increases its speed of working. It is not only a single player but also a multi player game. Download this amazing game which is an exercise for the brain.

Download Skillz – Logical Brain Game 

2. luminosity brain training

Best Brain Games For Android









luminosity brain training is the best rated brain game among all free online mind games. It is used by 85 million people all around the world. This brain game is designed with new experimental challenges to improve our cognitive skills. It is the top most game for brain because, it is introduced by research of our scientists in 40 plus universities all around the world. it is available in many language including English. Download luminosity brain training game and challenge your 5 core cognitive abilities.

Download Luminosity – Brain Teaser

3.River Crossing iQ

Best Brain Games For Android







River Crossing iQ is a best game where we need to use our brain logic. There will be tasks where we need to show the optimal way for the character to cross the river.You can play this best brain games for Android, iOs and Windows Smartphones. The logic tasks get updated regularly. Logic problem solving is very interesting, which makes you addict.Therefore download and play this best brain games for Adroid

Download River Crossing – Logical game

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4.word search puzzles

Best Brain Games For Android







Word search free online mind games online helps your brain to search certain words with in the time limit. Your brain will think faster and you can improve your concentration skills by searching words in generated grids. The visual animation looks will make you to show much interest. Therefore download the best brain game word search puzzles from below link and improve your concentration.

Download Word Search Game

5. ZigZag

ZigZag Brain game is the another best mind games to play which improves your concentration much more better. I love to play this game, and I am sure, you will going to addict to this game after playing. Just tap the screen and help the ball not to fall in different ZigZag ways. It is an exercise for the brain. Therefore download ZigZag game latest version from below link and have fun.

Download ZigZag brain game

Top 10 Best Brain Games For Android For Free

6.brain dots

Best Brain Games For Android







Brain dots is balls brain teaser, where you need to bump the blue and red balls. To make you much more interest it is designed with more than 25 varieties of pens of different colors. You can share your victories with your friends.This is is one of the best brain games for android because, it is designed based on the flexibility of brain and logical thinking. Download Brain dots for Android from below link.

Download Brain Dots Game

7.Faster thinking brain game

Best Brain Games For Android







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Faster thinking brain game is the another best brain games for android to improve your memory power and speed of your brain, concentration and English skills. You can play this amazing brain game as a group with your family members and friends. This is the best brain teaser for both children and adults. Play Faster thinking brain game and in addition have more fun as well as train your brain.

Download Faster thinking game

8. Brain It On! – Physics Puzzles

Best Brain Games For Android







Brain It On is the best brain game to play along with your friends to complete the task with different possibilities. You will use physics related drawings to solve the puzzles. It is one of the best brain games for Android. Therefore download Brain it On!- Physics Puzzles from below link and workout your brain

Download Brain it On!

9. Brain Teaser

Best Brain Games For Android







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Brain Teaser is the best brain game for Android I have ever seen. It helps to our brain to get trained in selective topics as Aptitude, Compete logical, puzzle and so many riddles. For the people who love problem solving, it is going to be a addictive game. I am sure that by playing this game your self-confidence will going to be more stronger than before. Therefore download this amazing Brain Teaser from below link and sharp your brain.

Download Brain Teaser

10.One touch drawing

Best Brain Games For Android







One touch drawing is one of the best brain games for Android. where you draw images with a single touch using brain logic. It is simple and very addictive brain game. There will be way trigger, warp maker and warp points which makes more interest in playing the game. Therefore download One touch drawing brain puzzle below and enjoy playing it.

Download One Touch Drawing Game



Hope this article Top 10 Best Brain games for Android helps you to know the best games for the brain and to download the best brain teasers for Free. If you have any doubts in downloading and installing them please reach us through your comments in below comment section, so that we can help you. Hence share this with your friends to help them out in downloading the Top 10 Best Brain games for Android. Follow Best Brain games for Android for more updates.

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